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Saytlia, the source of organic farming

Sep. 15th | 2 comments

During our 3 weeks riding in Morocco, luck led us to Saytlia, Mohamed’s and Irene’s organic farm. Of course, they cultivate their land without chemicals, but more importantly, they do it with passion and conscience. A whole ethic gravitates around the farm. This is what makes it so rare. This is what won us over and convinced us to talk about this initiative.

Our video report about Saytlia (interviews are in French)

So we have made a movie and written an article about Saytlia. Both are in French, but we suggest that you CHECK OUR ARTICLE HERE, and USE GOOGLE TRANSLATE to read it in your own language. (It has made enormous progress and will hopefully give you a correct translation!)

If you are truly interested in this topic, tell us (write a comment below or send us a mail) and we will try to make our next report more international !

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  1. Un beau reportage, instructif et intéressant.
    Finalement, c’est un métier, reporter ?!

  2. love it
    tnx for the video

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