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Cultural mingle-mangle n°2: Morocco

Aug. 30th | 0 comments

Way of life

– The hammam we tested was not of its first youth, and it was after all for the better: we were at the heart of the Moroccan tradition. There are two rooms, the second hotter than the first one. The heat remains soft, we sweat without realizing it. Then comes the show … A Moroccan joins us. His mission: to cleanse us from head to toe. At first his flannel burns. We are on a spit, turning to offer each side to the burn of the scraper. We then adjust and relax. Eventually, our guy turns into a masseur and, in a far too expert movement to be  describable, he attacks our spinal column: several vertebrae crack but the stretching makes us grow 5 cm!
The price of this makeover: 10 dirhams (entry) + 30 dirhams (tip for the “massage”).

– Each village has its barber. We both tried it: our beard had never been cut with such precision before. Then, of course, you need time: 20 minutes for shaving only! The price is set by the client, roughly 30-40 dirhams for the beard, 50 dirhams for the beard and hair.

– Young people seem to dress more and more Western, but many men still wear the jilbab (with underwear of course). We would have tried, but cycling would have become quite complicated …

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