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About us

One team, two friends !

We met each other 5 years ago when we entered our engineering school INSA (National Institute for Applied Sciences) in Lyon, France. Our curiosity had already brought us in an international department, where half of the students were Asian. We continued to forge ahead and, on our own, we traveled in several Asian countries until we finally met in one of them, in China, where we decided to go for a world tour. Most of our travels took place in Asia… no surprise that our biggest adventure started there.

But you may wonder who are hiding behind this “we“… Here you will find the answer!




22 years old
Engineer INSA de Lyon, major in Energy and Environment
(graduated in 2012).

My wanderings :

July 2008 : one month-internship in Shanghai. First experience in Asia.

July 2009 : 3 weeks riding in Northern Italy, from Milano to Venezia. Unforgettable memories of this first experience of wilderness camping.

August 2011 – July 2012 : exchange year in Seoul, South Korea. The best year of my life. Until now…

January – February 2012 : one month and a half backpacking in South-East Asia : Hong Kong – Vietnam – Cambodia – Bangkok – Nepal



23 years old
Engineer INSA de Lyon, major in Mechanics
(graduated in 2012)

My wanderings :

July 2008 : one month and a half working (internship) and traveling in Vietnam

August 2010 – July 2011 : exchange year in Daejeon, South Korea.

January 2011 : 3 weeks backpacking in South-Easth Asia

January – August 2012 : 6 months-internship in Shanghai.

We introduced ourselves, it is now your turn : don’t hesitate to contact us for anything !