Ride The Flavour (en)


Special Thanks

Thanks to Philippe and Claap Creative for the realisation of our presentation video and the animation of our logo.

Huge thanks to Victor BONHOMME, who contributes much to the design of our website! We also thank a lot his grand-mother for her “hospitality”!

Xavier HUBERT gave us legal advises as we were setting our partnerships. Thanks a lot for the time you gave us!

Liu Jiaojiao who made and send us the flag showing off our new logo. Thank you for offering us the new Ride The Flavour flags.


We want to publicly thank all who gave us donations! Achieving our goal would be much harder without their generosity.

– Special thanks to our first contributor, Bernard CLEMENT!
– Frédéric TAIN
– Christiane VIANNEZ, whose generous donation turned into a DSLR camera, the one we will follow us during our whole world tour.
– Philippe LAIRY
– Elise TERNY
– Denis and Odile CLEMENT
– Arnaud BOITEUX
– Anais SEGURA
– Benoit CLEMENT
– Philippe BOITEUX
– Hadrien Guillotin and Clémence DESHAIES
– Bertrand DAVAL
– Truong Giang TRINH
– Pascal and Gene HUGUET
– Serge et Jocelyne DESHAIES
– Stephane and Brigitte GUILLOTIN
– Guillaume VILLENEUVE
– Yasmine FRIKHA
– Niels KOLMER
– Philippe ADOUARD
– Chantal and Jean-François HUBERT
– Pascal and Anne-Marie CLÉMENT
– Anne-Marie GAIDE
– Jehanne-Marie HUBERT
– Sophie et Jean-Pierre GOUIN
– Sandrine PAPIAS
– Florent THOMAS
– Anne Laure VACHER
– Christine et Philippe VILLENEUVE
– Flavie PELTIER
– Maxime PIROT
– Roland TOIHIEN
– Tianhe ZHANG
– Grégory WAGNER
– Marc Eric CHAVANNE
– Xiao DU
– Nicolas BOURVEAU
– Olivier FALORNI

Our hosts across the world

We asked them a plug for our batteries and they offered us so much. We want to thank all these people for the hospitality, generosity and kindness. Without them our trip with electric bikes would not be possible.

– François and Virginie NEMETZ, St Julien Beychevelle, France
– Arnaud and Anaïs, Bordeaux, France
– Joseph, Marie, Isabelle and Mattéo GIGAN, Fourques sur Garonne, France
– Patricia, Claudio, Aurélien and Célia ZANOTTO, Moissac, France
– Monique, Jean Pierre, Alice, Marilou and Roxane BADOU, Villedubert, France
– Duy, Perpignan, France
– Eudald, Pol and Ester CAMPENY, St Feliu de Guixols, Spain
– Marta ALONSO, Barcelone, Spain
– G’ualberto and G’ilma, Oropesa del Mar, Spain,
– Ana TORRECILLAS, Valencia, Spain
– David, Vanessa, Joaquim and Angeles CALVO BERENGUER, Callosa d’en Sarria, Spain
– Carmelo, El Campello, Spain
– Carmen, Pedro, Regina and Jose, La Marina, Spain
– Luiz, Estela and Paulo, San Javier, Spain
– Vincent, Sylvie and Maëva, Portman, Spain
– Michel and Amelia, Calarreona, Spain
– Shophie BINKS, Benalmadena, Spain
– Abdellatif HAMOUDAN and his family, Chefchaouen, Morocco
– Rachid, Mokrisset, Morocco
– Maxime GARCIA, Fes, Morocco
– Zahra AOUJIL, Ifrane, Morocco
– Akim EL OUAKKAFI, Boukafrane, Morocco
– Seifallah HANOU and Ayachi KAIDRH, Moulay Idris, Morocco
– Mostafa BENSLIMANE and his family, Rabat, Morocco
– Ovidiu, Rodica, Iasmina and Luca SUTEU , Rabat, Morocco
– Mohamed, Irène, Nadia, Inès and Idriss, Rabat, Morocco
– Paco and his wife, Medina Sidonia, Spain
– Marco and Chella, Los Palacios y Villafranca, Spain
– Oscar and Leticia, Dos Hermanas, Spain
– David CIUDAD, Seville, Spain (grâce à cookening.com)
– Paco and Paqui GONZALEZ SANCHEZ, El Castillo de las guardas, Spain
– Les pompiers d’Aguas de Moura, Portugal
– Hernani CARDOSO, Almada, Portugal (grâce à warmshowers.org)
– Artur LOPEZ, Vendas Novas, Portugal (grâce à warmshowers.org)
– The firefighters of Elvas, Portugal
– Jose Maria CIUDAD PIZARRO, Zorita, Spain
– Pedro GARCIA ARROYO, La nava de Ricomalillo, Spain
– Felix DIAZ, Talavera de la Reina, Spain (grâce à warmshowers.org)
– Teresa CAMACHO VERJANO and Jorge BILORQUE, Madrid, Spain (grâce à warmshowers.org)
– Carlos and Inma BAUTISTA INFANTE, Madrid, Spain (grâce à warmshowers.org)
– Juan Cruz CASABONA, Buenos Aires, Argentina (grâce à warmshowers.org)
– Daniela, Alexis and Celia SCHEIMBERG, Lomas de Zamora, Argentina
– Emilio, Capitán Sarmiento, Argentina
– Cesar, Celeste, Facundo and Camila, Pergamino, Argentina
– Alejandro and his wife, Arias, Argentina
– Graciela and Jony ARMERIANZA, La Carlota, Argentina
– Gustavo, Pasco del Durazno, Argentina
– Stefano CANCAN, Embalse, Argentina
– Cecilia and Esteban, Villa General Belgrano, Argentina (grâce à warmshowers.org)
– Willy, Juan, Chochi and Mauri ESPINDOLA, Cordoba, Argentina (grâce à warmshowers.org)
– The football team of Recreo, Argentina
– Hernando, Juan Bautista Alberdi, Argentina
– Gando, Salta, Argentina
– Javier, El Carmen, Argentina
– Luisa and her family, Barcena, Argentina
– Mike, refuge de la Laguna Colorada, Bolivie
– Tim and Angela, Hotel del Desierto, Bolivie
– Hendry, San Juanillo, Costa Rica
– Hugo, Julio, Luis and Valeria, San Pedro, Costa Rica
– Claude and Dominique, Laguna de Arenal, Costa Rica
– Armando and Patience, Nicoya, Costa Rica
– David, Villa Real, Costa Rica
– La police de Liberia, Costa Rica
– Walter and his family, San Jorge, Nicaragua
– The tourist police of Managua and the private security of the parc, Nicaragua
– Jose, San Miguel, El Salvador
– Abel and his family, Playa El Majahual, El Salvador
– La police de Cara Sucia, El Salvador
– Ramón, Antigua, Guatemala
– Edvin, Gloria, Gamaliel, Jessica and Erik, Tecpan, Guatemala
– The tourist police of Panajachel, Guatemala
– The police of San Pablo de la Laguna, Guatemala
– Jorge, Huehuetenango, Guatemala
– The firefighters of San Cristobal de la Casa, Mexico
– The firefighters of Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Mexico
– The firefighters of Oaxaca de Juárez, Mexico
– David, Mexico, Mexico
– Ann and Brad, San Diego, California
– Isaiah and David, Carlsbad, California
– Beatrice, San Clemente, California
– Terry, Los Angeles, California
– Hermant and his family, Jaipur, India
– Hira Multani, Urma Tanda, India
– Brij Bala, DevIndiar, Priyanka, Guglu and Sulekah, Gharoh, India
– The Hindou temple in Samba, India
– Shamshad and his family, Tral, India
– Sonu and his family, Srinagar, India
– Nili shortly after Sarchu, India
– Martin, Belgrade, Serbia
– Nikola, Kristine and their neighbours, Obrenovac, Serbia
– The pastor of Čelopek and his family, Bosnia and Herzegovina
– The monks of Tuzla Franciscan monestary, Bosnia and Herzegovina
– Zvonko, Dragana, Josip and Luka, Brinje, Croatia
– Željko, Branka and Christian, Generalski Stol, Croatia
– Dragana, Krško, Slovenia
– Nejc, Ira, Laura and Bianca, Ljubljana, Slovenia
– Hans and Maria, Neuegg am Faaker See, Austria
– Alfons and Greta, Kitzbühel, Austria
– Christian, St. Johann in Tirol, Austria
– Renate, Thomas, Felix and Simon, Bad Aibling, Germany
– Tanja and Stefan, Munich, Germany
– Stéphane and Angela, Munich, Germany
– Siegfried, Claudia, Juliana and Léa, Ravensburg, Germany
– Daniel, Liliane and Damien, Vesoul, France
– Hélène and Caroline, Ranspach-le-Bas, France
– Élise, Mont-prés-Chambord, France
– All those who also hosted us during the last month of our trip, in Germany and France, but whose names were swallowed in the present.