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Ride the flavour was born from our common appetite for travelling and discovering. Gastronomy has naturally come as the guideline of our world tour. As we kept thinking, we wanted to use the dynamics of such a project and to fulfill a deeper meaning. That’s how we decided to contact and support associations which campaign for food security.

Our ride around the world of flavours spread, combining discovery and solidarity, and we are all the more motivated to make it real !

So are you? If you also find our project awesome, you can take part in in many ways !

A donation ?

Of couse, your donations are very important. Each euro that you give us helps us to fully live our adventure, to achieve our world tour. BUT, they are are also very important for the associations we are supporting : 20 % of your donations will be transfered to them.

You do not know our collaborating assocations yet? Have a look at this page!

A thousand thanks for your support !

(the donations are done through paypal, therefore the transfers are completely secured)