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Cultural mingle-mangle n°1 : Spain

Aug. 3rd | 0 comments

Way of life

The Spaniards come to life after nightfall, once freshness has spread. In the small village of Portman, at 23h, toddlers as young as 10 years were still playing in the park. However, before 9am, there is not a soul.

– In general, schedules are evenly moved forward: the “comida” (lunch) is around 3pm. Stores close usually between 2pm and 4pm, sometimes even between 3pm and 5pm. The “cena” (dinner) comes at 11pm.

– Vincent and Sylvie explained to us that the Spaniards are very manic when it comes to their dining room. It must at all costs remain absolutely neat, ready to serve for special occasions. During an informal visit, you can come and go as you please, except in the dining room.

Tapas are an extremely valuable institution. Many bars, especially in Andalusia, serve a portion of tapas for every drink ordered. You can therefore wine and dine, and only pay the wine !

– In Spain, the cheese is usually eaten as an appetizer.

– The tradition in Spain is to offer gifts to children for Epiphany, not Christmas. Unfortunately, this tradition gradually disappears under the pressure of consumer society…

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Spain : our first 1500 km!

Aug. 2nd | 0 comments

1st August 2013. It’s been one month since we left France and started our world tour. We have riden more than 1700 km, of which 1500 km in Spain. 1500 km under a constant blue sky: in one month it has not rained even once! Even if rain was not part of it, these 1500 km already brought their own share of surprise, challenge, and difficulties. Beauty, amazement, and laughter were also a daily delight !

Without any further delay, welcome in the Spanish adventure !

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