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Ride the Flavour and Cookening, a recipe which works!

Jun. 27th | 0 comments

Cookening is a quite recent platform which was created to satisfy both travelers in search of authentic culinary experiences and local people wishing to share and  bring their culture alive. Cookening makes the link between these travelers and local people by giving them the opportunity to meet around a meal.

Meeting, sharing, and intercultural exchanges are the magic words of these experiences… Such common points created an obvious link between Ride the Flavour and Cookening… And here we are : we are partners!

Welcome to the Cookening team (from left to right: SĂ©bastien, Julien and CĂ©dric) and community!

The Cookening Team

You wish to become a host? You only have to register on cookening.com and present the meal(s) which you can cook. Your table is really tempting and you welcome from then on numerous travelers…

You are traveling and wish to discover without artifice the culture of the country which welcomes you? Look for the local Cookening tables and, few clicks later, you ring and meet your host…

More details are here!

The meal gets back to privileged moment of meeting and sharing. Congratulations to the Cookening team and welcome in the Ride the Flavour adventure!

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