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Our arrival in France, this explosion of emotions. Thank you !

Oct. 30th | 0 comments

After 14 months traveling by bike, we cross the finish line at the Futuroscope.

We get off the bikes and hug our families with tears in our eyes.

The adventure is over, but be assured that our eyes will shine forever from the wonders that they have seen…



Many thanks to the Futuroscope for having welcomed us home so warmly.
Thank you as well to all our sponsors, and more particularly Veloscoot.
Thank you to all the people who we met on the way for the breath of optimism that they have offered us.
And of course, a HUGE thank you to you all who have followed and supported us during the trip!

Our last thought goes to Philippe who, after editing our very first videos, just finished edtiting this last one. Thank you!

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