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Last month in India, from Hell to Heaven

Jul. 5th | 0 comments

I should apologize to all my English-speaking friends who follow this trip. I just finished writing 3 articles about my last month in India… but I wrote them in French, and I just don’t have the strength to translate them. Sorry !

So I will give you the links towards the 3 articles written in French, and I hope 1) that you will still be eager to read them, and 2) that Google has improved a little bit its translations since last time I used it !

Article 1 : From the purity of a farm to the pollution of a country
Article 2 : Kashmir, “the most beautiful place on Earth”
Article 3 : The Himalayas, last bastion of freedom in India

When I reached the pass (5328m high), all fortifications that had supported but also restrained my mind collapsed, never before in this trip I had felt so light, never before in this trip I had felt so free !


Also, the photo album recounting these 2 intense months and a half in India is now complete. Check it out, it’s here !


You guessed it, my adventure in India is now over. I left the country a few days ago, and went back to… France ? No ! I am writing this newsletter from Belgrade, Serbia. I am back in Europe, but the trip is not over yet : 6 countries still lie between me and France… 3000 more km to ride !

To be continued…

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