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Itinerary: Hello Central America!

Mar. 10th | 0 comments

If we kept silent during February, it was not aimlessly… If we kept silent during February, it is to amaze you in March! We have indeed 2 news to make public. Without further delay, here is the first one!

As we were studying our itinerary more in detail, we revealed few incoherences which brought us to question… and to eventually modify few sections of our route. This map shows our new itinerary!

How did we set up this itinerary ? What did we think of when we prepared our route across the world? The answers are in the following lines!


Initially, we did not plan to ride through Central America… A sacrifice that we agreed to make because we had to bypass Columbia anyway. We had decided to jump from Peru to Guatemala. We first tried to find a boat (in order to limit our carbon footprint) but there is no regular maritime connection  from Peru to Guatemala. What about the plane ? No direct flight. Most of them stop over at Panama city…

Then, why not going back on our saddles at this moment?!

We leafed through guide books, checked out what was said on forums: no major risk in this area, beautiful landscapes and welcoming people! These previously unknown vision brought us to this decision: we will flight from Lima to Panama city and then ride through Central America to join Mexico. Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala… HELLO!

(we will ride almost 3500 km more, which will move forward our arrival in the following countries. Yet we do not wish to ride in India during monsoon, that’s why we will hitchhike to cross Mexico)

We also modified our itinerary in Asia: instead of riding up from Malasia to Laos, we will ride down from Vietnam (HanoĂŻ) to Singapore. Our itinerary is thus more straightforward and, good news, we will flight less km.

Last small detail, we wanted to avoid riding in Mauritania (which is for now a hazardous area) by taking a boat from the Maroccan coast to Dakar… There unfortunately is no such regular maritime connection. That’s is why we plan to cross the country by hitchhiking along the Mauritanian coast. We will follow up the situation in the country in order to make sure that this option remains conceivable this summer.


Our new itinerary, this is the first news we wanted to share with you… We saved the second one, the best one, for last. Wait a few days and we will announce the news which gives to Ride the Flavour a whole new dimension!

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