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Italian Recipe: Ricotta Cannelloni

Feb. 6th | 0 comments

You will this time travel to Italy! And hold on to your seat, you’re about to discover the recipe of… pasta carbonara!…

Just kidding, we won’t detail recipes which have already gone round the world. However, Italy remains THE “pasta nation”. Here is a recipe based on pasta, which was surprisingly kept in Italy : Ricotta Cannelloni, a deliciously simple recipe, tested and approved by Ride the Flavour.

FR : Cannelloni Ă  la ricotta EN : RIcotta cannelloni

For 4 servings:

– 8 fresh lasagna sheets
– 400g ricotta
– 1 bunch of basil
– 50g pine kernels
– 1 shallot
– olive oil
– salt and pepper

Special accessory: oven.

1) Wash and slice the basil.

2) Peel and slice thinly the shallot.

3) Brown the pine kernels in a frying pan, without adding fat.

4) Crush the ricotta with a fork and add the basil, the shallot, the pine kernels and 4 tbsp olive oil, salt and pepper.

5) Deep the fresh lasagne sheets in boiling water during 5-6 minutes. We advise you to deep them one by one, while doing the previous steps : if you put the 8 of them in the pan at the same time, they will stick to each other, and they will be pretty hard to separate (yes, we experienced it ^^).

6) Fill the lasagne sheets with the ricotta stuffing and roll.

7) Place the cannelloni on a oven proof plate. Pour some water and 2 tbsp olive oil on them.

8) Bake it in the oven during 20 minutes at 180°C.

Your ricotta cannelloni are ready to be served! They will go perfectely with a tomato sauce with mushrooms.

Your turn to taste 😉

PS: we also prepared a second kind of cannelloni, which are at least as good as these ones… Asparagus Cannelloni with Parmesan Cheese. The recipe is coming soon!

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