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Day Three – 50 km

May. 4th | 2 comments

Monday 22nd April 2013 – From Saint-Julien-Beychevelle to Bordeaux.

François and Virginie invite us to have coffee at their house. They even ask us to stay until tonight, promising us a royal meal : rib steaks cooked in the regional way, with their boletus and red wine ! We would like to accept such a kind invitating, but we are expected at Bordeaux, where we will meet Arnaud, Léo’s brother, and his girlfriend Anaïs. But François turns intentionally a deaf ear and keeps repeating:

“Hey, tonight, it’s rib steaks, boletus and wine!”

This sentence becomes both funny and touching. But eventually, we leave each other. They head towards their vineyards. We head towards Bordeaux. We say to each each other “See you soon!”, and maybe the future will give reason to us…

Lever de soleil sur les vignes de St Julien

We are back on the road. We cross a multitude of wine-making villages, Cussac-Fort-Médoc and Margaux to name just the most famous of them. But none makes us go back on what we observed yesterday: the tops-places of the vine growing in Médoc are unfortunately like any villages.

We opened the bottle in Saint-Estèphe, we clank glasses in Pauillac… In Margaux, we cannont wait anymore, we empty our glasses!


Outside of Margaux, we come upon this scenery: on this vineyard, the weeding is made in the old-fashioned way! But isn’t it only a show intended for tourists? Nevertheless, the image is beautiful…

Le désherbage à l'ancienne

We then leave the Gironde to follow the Garonne and, after a last revitalizing plunge into nature

I can fly !

We arrive at Bordeaux!


Green leaves little by little the edge of roads, replaced by the industrial parks of the urban outskirts. We ride, keeping our eyes down, through this hard-surfaced landscape, until the stone finally resurfaces. We are now in city center, surrounded with this hundred-year-old architecture, massive and elegant at the same time, which gives to cities their magesty.

Under a stormy sky, reflections inspire us…

Reflet sur la place de la Bourse, Bordeaux

Not far from Victory square, we stop our bikes. Arnaud is here to welcome us. It is 2:30 pm, we have hours ahead before the end of the day. We take advantage of it to go around in Bordeaux (by bike of course!) but also to rest. We recharge the batteries of our cameras, empty our memory cards, and begin to write the journal of our journey (we know how untrustworthy our memories can be!). No need to say how great it is to take a shower !

The evening passes by quietly. We switch off the light. This evening, we sleep in a bed. Tomorrow morning, like the batteries of our bikes, we will be fully reloaded!

Our last words go to Arnaud and Anaïs, thanks for welcoming us!


Day Three

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  1. Nice pics and amazing story! I wish i could move forward to having adventure and following dreams!

  2. Nice writing, it’s really pleasant to read. 🙂

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