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Day six – 80 km

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Thursday 25th April 2013. From Moissac to Fontenilles (near Toulouse).
The last day of our 500km-training.

Twice, our awakening is not the one expected. The first time, a wild boar is plowing the earth next to the tent. The second, a roe deer is rubbing its head against the tent canvas. It is at least what our sleepy senses give us to think… The third one is the good one: the sun has already left the horizon, cocks and hens gambol freely, and the pony quietly eats the grass around. The nature is already active, and it’s time to follow its example.

Patricia already went to work and the rest of the household sleeps. The animals are the only ones seeing us leaving. We get back the banks of the canal and start the last 80 kilometers of our journey. We have been riding for only a few minutes when we catch sight of a roe deer which is having its early wash in the water of the canal. It is only 20 meters of us. We approach a little more, but suddenly it panics, rushes to the opposite bank, goes out of the canal, and disappears in two jumps.

Graceful despite the fear

Un chevreuil prend son bain

After this magnificent spectacle, we got back on the road. The path along the canal is smooth and flat and does not require major effort. We are confident, this last stage will be only a formality. A formality ? The wind has decided otherwise… it eventually comes up and we must say it does not go towards Toulouse, it would rather be the opposite! When you consider that something is worth experiencing only when shared, travelling with a friend is a blessing… It’s the same when you pedal against the wind: travelling with a friend is a blessing! We can ride one behind another, taking turns every km.

Along the way, we meet another cyclist. He is riding from Bordeaux to SÚte. A journey of 500 km which he makes at least once a year. In a week, he will ride from Paris to London by the quite new cycle track which connects these two cities. He  cycles a lot, but takes also many planes. He tells us about the list of the most beautiful 50 places in the world. Among these 50, he has checked 27! And how old is this adventurer? 70 years old! What a pleasure to see that the dynamism of a man can sweep away the weight of his years! We ride few kms  side by side, until each of us takes back his own pace: his a little slower, ours a little faster.

Notre compagnon de route

We have been following the canal for 3 days. Everyday bridges follow one another. Everyday they invite us us for a big dive. We are going to leave the canal soon, so it is now or never. We get into the water (it is freezing!) to check the depth of the canal… There are hardy 2 meters. Failure. We forget the jump and get away with no more than an ice-cold bathing. At least, we will be clean for our arrival at Fontenilles!

La classe !

Toulouse is close. We keep up our turns against the wind. This wind which at the same time undoes our efforts and oppresses our spirits. It is not only a physical test, it is also and especially a mental test. We so learn how to calm our nerves and, when we arrive at Toulouse, no tension remains, there is only the happiness to have reached our destination!

Arrivé à Toulouse

Ride the Flavour au coeur de Toulouse !

You have reached our destination? Almost but not yet! There are still 25 km to ride before we arrive at Fontenilles, where LĂ©o’s family is waiting for us. We devour these 25 km and at 3 pm, on this Thursday, April 25th, we can shout it: WE ARRIVED!



500 km in 6 days. 6 days during which we were able to test our equipment, our physical condition and our friendship. This journey was a complete success. NEXT DEPARTURE WILL BE FOR THE WORLD TOUR!

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