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Croatia in very good company !

Aug. 15th | 0 comments

Incontestably, Split will have been the meeting point of this trip. Damien’s family had hardly taken off when Marine’s plane touched the tarmac. The next morning it was Marina’s turn to land, and in the evening Léo got off the train and realized with relief that his legs had survived the 26h-trip!

On Saturday August 2, after a nice reunion evening in Diocletian Palace the day before and a breakfast in front of the Adriatic in the morning, we were ready. A short parade on the paving stones along the esplanade, and our bicycles touched the asphalt: we had 8 days and 500km in front of us. Zagreb here we come!


Before leaving for the Croatian coast, let us take a moment to look back at the Léo’s arrival at the train station. He carried with him 2 backpacks. The first contained his personal belongings, and the second… contained 2 blocks full of lithium! Léo did not endure 26h sitting in a train only to identify our way back to France, he also could avoid the airplane strict regulations and bring back with him the central pieces of our ebikes Veloscoot : the batteries! After 8000 km (out of 12000) of inactivity, our engines returned to active service, what a joy to hear them purr again!

And even more when we had a howling wind to face!


Split – Šibenik – Zadar – Pag – Senj – Brinje – Karlovac – Zagreb

500km in 8 days. A very nice physical performance for Marina and Marina (CONGRATS!), but above all a new exhibit in the “Sharing as a key to traveling” file.

888m. Superstitious Chinese would systematically climb this pass before playing lotto… But fortunately, this pass is not in China!


The album of this episode is online here. And words would not add much to the joy which already shows through these photos. But before closing this article, there are two families who we want to thank for their generosity, their humour and their homemade rakija (to be pronounced “Rakia”). Rakija? A typical brandy of Balkans which can be drunk at any hour of the day, but especially in the morning: “Ideal to purify your body right after waking up”, Zvonko told us. “Plus it puts you in a good mood”, we added.

To Zvonko, Dragana, Josip and Luka who invited us on 6th in the evening / 7th in the morning. Thank you!


To Željko, Branka, and Christian who invited us on 7th in the evening / 8th in the morning. Thank you!


To be continued…

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