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A new sponsor, a new impetus!

Mar. 17th | 0 comments

In this month of February, we promised you a second news, a news which would give to our world tour a whole new dimension. Do not be sceptical anymore, we are men of their word!…

We are happy to announce the entry of our first sponsor in the adventure Ride the Flavour.
We are proud to announce our partnership with Veloscoot, french electric bike designer.
We are electrified to announce that our world tour by bike becomes a world tour by electric bike!

Our partnership should be properly formalized, and there is no better way than a fine video to announce such an event…

As you saw on the video, we will customize our electric bike with a special equipment. But still, their performances will be exactly those of Veloscoot series models. And if they can achieve a world tour, they can doubtlessly bring you wherever you want in your city!

Veloscoot is a French company which designs its own electric bikes and makes them assemble in France, in La Rochelle. Fortunately, we are living pretty close from the company offices, so that we met SĂ©bastien BEUGIN, Veloscoot CEO, and Dorian LECUYER, marketing director, several times. We immediately got on well, and here we are today: partners!

Veloscoot will give us the 2 electric bikes, which we will ride across the world. In turn, we will record usage data from their bikes and will regularly send them to Veloscoot during our adventure. We will thus make our own contribution to the development and the improvement of the electric bike.

On a wider scale, we think that the electric bike is an ecological means of transportation, which has the potential to replace the car for our urban journeys. Indeed, the electric assistance sweeps away most of the reluctances we can have to ride our bike. You can get over a hill without any effort, the wind becomes insignificant; you will not sweat anymore on your way to work! This is far from being innocent since 50% of the world population now lives in urban areas… Think of it!

Of course, a new challenge arises: we will need to charge the batteries of our bikes everyday. But this challenge perfectly fits into our project, already inclined towards human encounters. The entry of the electric bike in our world tour does not make it more difficult but only enriches it!

The ecomobility has just met Ride the Flavour!

Partenariat avec VĂ©loscoot

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