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A movie to watch : THINK GLOBAL ACT RURAL

Oct. 23rd | 0 comments

Ride the Flavour is about gastronomy, but through our assocation, we also want to campaign for food security. Looking for information, we discovered THINK GLOBAL ACT RURAL. We found this movie, directed by Coline SERREAU, highly interesting and inspiring ! So why keeping it for ourselves ? In only 1 hour and a half, this movie will give you a new perspective on agriculture, on the whole system behind the vegetables and fruits you are eating.

Here is what you can read on the website of THINK GLOBAL ACT RURAL:

Going beyond merely denouncing an agricultural system that has been perverted by unreasonable growth imperatives, Coline SERREAU invites us in “Think Global Act Rural” to discover new farming systems, successful production techniques which not only produce better yield, but also repair the damages and offer better life and health to the communities, while ensuring perennial food security.

To learn more about the movie and the participants : http://www.solutionslocales-lefilm.com/en/accueil

Here is the trailer, watch it ! And if you get interested, if you want to learn more, do not hesistate any longer : watch the full movie.

THINK GLOBAL, ACT RURAL in 1 word : striking.

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