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Recipe : Maki Sushi !

Oct. 17th | 0 comments

You saw it on the itinerary; we will not go to Japan… But we do not want to deprive you of their delicious makis sushis. Here is the recipe!

Maki Sushis !

Ingredients for 6 servings:

– 600g of rice
– Nori (seaweed) sheets
– Soy sauce
– Wasabi
– 4 table spoons of rice vinegar
– 200g raw salmon
– 200g raw tuna
– 200g shrimp
-1/2 cucumber
-2 avocado
-“kiri” cheese (Cream cheese)

Special equipment: bamboo sushi mat

1) Cook the rice with the double amount of water (1,2L).

2) Heat the vinegar with a teaspoon of sugar and a pinch of salt.

3) Pour the vinegar on the cooked rice and mix it delicately. Leave aside until the rice become lukewarm.

4) Cut the cucumber and the avado, the salmon and the tuna in sticks. Slice the shrimps into 2 pieces

5) Put the Nori sheet on the bamboo mat. Spread a thin layer of rice on the Nori sheet. Add and mix the ingredients as you like

6) Roll it using the bamboo mat and cut it into 1cm pieces.


Salmon+cucumber+kiri cheese
Tuna+avocado+cucumber+kiri cheese

That’s it! You can eat your makis sushis with soy sauce mixed with wasabi !

Your turn to taste! 😉


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