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Cooking passionates and gourmets, this section is for you! Here you can find all the recipes we will enjoy all along our world tour! We share these recipes to show you the world gastronomy and to give you delicious ideas, These recipes are here so that you can experienced them wherever you are, they are here to delight your taste buds, they are here for the love of taste and flavour!

Any questions or suggestions? let us know! We will be glad to know that you try our recipes and to hear your comments.

So let’s do the cooking and bon appetit!

Indian Recipe : Brij Bala’s Chutney

Jun. 2nd | 0 comments

During this week of WWOOFing, I have spent a lot of time outside digging holes, carrying stones and breaking rocks. But a nearly autonomous farm does not only run on muscle power. This beautiful ecosystem would not survive even a single week without the delicious and delicate cuisine of Brij Bala…

And here is a small excerpt, one of her specialties, passed from generation to the next: Brij Bala’s Chutney!

The presentation is rough but do not trust the appearances…


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Salvadoran recipe : Las Pupusas

Feb. 9th | 0 comments

On our first day in El Salvador our host, Jose, asked us if we had tasted THE specialty of the country: The Pupusas! On the same we were going to a Pupuseria (restaurant which serves only Pupusas) in order to try this dish typically Salvadoran.

Usually served with Curtido (gabage salad) and a tomato sauce, the Pupusas are stuffed corn tortillas. The filling can vary from one place to another, however, there is one national Pupusa : El Pupusa frijoles y queso (filled with red bean and cheese).

FR : Pupusas / EN : Pupusas

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Argentinian recipe : Alfarores de chocolate con Dulce de leche

Nov. 14th | 0 comments

The second day after our arrival in Buenos Aires, Argentina, we met “Capitan del Espacio”. The captain of the space. An Argentine astronaut ? Not really, the truth is not as impressive, but much more delicious. “Capitan del Espacio” is actually a brand of alfajores. And not just any brand: in the words of our friend Daniela, the best of Argentina …

And the compliment is not worthless: the alfajor is THE Argentinian pastry! So how could we resist ? Daniela made ​​us discover the alfajores “Capitan del Espacio”, and it is also with her that we cooked to try to equal them!

FR : Alfajores / EN : Alfajores

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Portuguese recipe : Feijoada

Sep. 18th | 0 comments

During our visit to Lisbon, we met Hernani, a bicyle tourist at heart but also a good cook . We discovered with him the recipe of a very popular dish in Portugal: Feijoada.

FR : Feijoada / EN : Feijoada

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Spanish recipe : Gambas al ajillo

Sep. 4th | 0 comments

This recipe comes straight from Andalusia. Very easy and quick to cook, discover the flavours of the south of Spain with this recipe of  Gambas al ajillo!

FR : Gambas al ajillo / EN : Gambas al ajillo

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