Ride The Flavour (en)



Veloscoot is a French company which designs its own electric bikes and makes them assemble in France, in La Rochelle.

Veloscoot will give us the 2 electric bikes, which we will ride across the world. In turn, we will record usage data from their bikes and will regularly send them to Veloscoot during our adventure. We will thus make our own contribution to the development and the improvement of the electric bike.

We have made a video about our partnership, you can watch it in this post.

AbusABUS is a german company which manufacture since 1924 products for secutrity of people. Nowadays ABUS offers a wide range of products for bikes. Market  leader, their products are highly reliable and offer a long service life while being easy to operate.

ABUS gives us 8 pannier bags, 2 handlebar bags, 2 helmets and 2 locks.

Schwalbe is a german brand, established in 1992, it manufactures a wide range of tires for different cycling applications, but is best known for its commuting, touring and utility tyres such as the Marathon range. They are the leader for the bikes tyres in Europe.

Schwalbe will give us our bike tyres : 2 pairs of tyres : the marathon plus tour. Its flat-less tyres with a purposeful trekking tread Asphalt or off-road for long expeditions.

Monrechaud.com is a online stwww.monrechaud.comore specialized  in outdoor stoves. They offer a selection of stoves, pieces and accessories dedicated to hiking, camping and outdoor activities. Run by Régis Cahn et Cyrille Mongrolle, two hikking and ski enthusiast.