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Dynamism and special effects, this is the explosive recipe of our presentation video.

*Important* Through our second goal, we first talked about “food security”. We have dealed with this topic deeper and deeper and we now realize that it is important to add the concept of “food sovereignty” to that of food security, as we have explained it in our article.


A ride around the world !

Look at the photo. In front of you is standing one of the most famous views in Shanghai, with the business district Pudong on your left and, on the other bank of the river, the Shanghai Bund…

This is where our adventure started.

This is where we drank to our world tour by bike !

We are Damien and LĂ©o. Ride around the world was a dream, and in May 2012, in Shanghai, this dream made its way to reality.

A project about alimentation

We both spent an exchange year in South Korea, LĂ©o in KAIST and Damien in Yonsei University. It was one of the most rewarding experiences we have lived so far: we discovered a completely new country, and we have lived there enough time to go beyond the amazement and to finally deeply understand the culture and lifestyle.

But while riding from a country to another one, hardly ever spending more than a week in the same place, it is impossible to fully understand the various cultures that we meet. During such a trip, it is impossible to fully understand the cultures we encounter. However, every culture is expressed through its own cuisine and, more importantly, the cuisine is one of the identity pillars of every culture. Which is definitely not displeasing to us: we are never far away when it’s about cooking or tasting new flavors! So we quickly decided to focus on this specific aspect, food, and give our project the following two goals:

” The roots of Gastronomy “
We want to discover every flavour on earth ! It might be too ambitious but, at least, we are trying !  Many culinary cultures are our way… We do not want to let them go and, more importantly, we want to bring them within reach of all those who follow us. We are learning how to cook local dishes with the best cooks ever – the inhabitants, in order to write the recipes and share them through our website (on this page). When we will come back, we might even publish a world recipe book !

” The roots of Food “
During our world tour, we are trying to meet actors (farmers, farmers’ organizations, associations, etc.) of the agricultural world in order to hear their vision of agriculture and, through these testimonies, understand the machinery of food sovereignty. This concept goes further than that of food security (meaning that all people, at all times, have access to sufficient, safe, nutritious food to maintain an active and healthy life) by recognizing an essential right: the right of people to define their own food system. To understand better what food sovereignty means, read our article!
When we find a remarkable initiative, we try to get involved as much as possible, helping the people on the ground but also giving them a voice through photo/video reports presenting their commitments and activities. In this area , we want Ride the Flavour to be a vector of solidarity, which is why we decided that 20% of the donations we receive will go to these actors.


Electric bike and EcoMobility

As the shapes of our world tour were getting clearer and clearer, an idea germed in our minds: we could travel, not with a usual bike anymore, but with an electric bike. We formed a partnership with a French electric bike designer, Veloscoot, which gave us the electric bikes that we are riding around the world. We explain everything about the partnership in this article.

By riding electric bikes, we want to promote this ecological means of transportation, which has the potential to replace the car for our urban journeys. If our electric bikes can achieve a world tour, they can doubtlessly bring you wherever you want in your city! This is far from being innocent since 50% of the world population now lives in urban areas… Think of it!

Ride the Flavour is the first world tour by electric bike “made in France”!


When? For how long?

We started riding on 1st July 2013, knowing that we’ll be on the roads for at least 14 months… 14 months of traveling and adventures, entirely broadcasting through this website !



You can find all the details of our itinirary on this page.