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Monrechaud.com joins Ride the Flavour!

Apr. 11th | 0 comments

Monrechaud.com and Ride the Flavour.
The online specialized store in outdoor stoves and the tour around the world of flavours.
Such a synergy suggests a precious collaboration…

And we are very pleased to announce that this collaboration is born: monrechaud.com  has just joined the adventure Ride the Flavour!



The online store monrechaud.com is run by Régis Cahn and Cyrille Mongrolle. Both of them are real adventurers: the mountain has no more secret for them, neither in summer nor in winter. Drawing on their experience, they decided to create their own store and, since then, deliver all the equipment you could need to cook outside. The camping stoves, cookwares and ustensils available on monrechaud.com all recieved Régis’ and Cyrille’s approval. And this means something: the equipment on monrechaud.com would satisfy any hiker cooking his meal in the open air!

Do not hesitate to visit their online store (it is actually pretty agreable to thumb through) if you suddenly develop a burning desire to bivouac or camp! You can’t decide which equipment to choose ? Régis and Cyrielle will be glad to give you advises (contact on this page).

Regarding our partnership, monrechaud.com offered us a generous 50%-discount on the cooking equipment we needed:
– 1 stove Primus MultiFuel EX
– 1 cook set Optimus Terra HE
– 2 mealkit Light My Fire
– 2 titanium 2-piece cutlery set

This equipment will be with us from the beginning to the end of our world tour and will be of great use everyday while preparing our delicious meals. Yes, the adventurer can be a gourmet!

Welcome to monrechaud.com, and thanks for following us in this adventure. Kitted our as we are, no doubt that our apetite will be fulfiled during our whole world tour!

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