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Mascots and flags

Oct. 6th | 4 comments

Got it! Ride The Flavour has its mascots and flags!

Mascottes & drapeau

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  1. Dudes ! It seems like you’re having lots of fun ^^ are they yours?

    Yet I’m quite unhappy with your logo… it’s really cool, well-designed and all… but… man, there are only a fork and a knife on it !!!! shame on you ! you’re supposed to go to South America and Asia ! What about chopsticks and spoon and hands !! ??

    (okay, if upset, ignore my message ^o^ haha)

    (btw, don’t reach me on the email I put)

  2. No doubt, it’s a lot of fun! The goats are LĂ©o’s, aren’t they beautiful?!
    About the logo, why don’t you just try to create one with a fork, a knife AND a spoon AND chopsticks AND hands? And a cool one!
    You’re a genius if you suceed 🙂

  3. okay ! Challenge Accep…TED !! I’ll try ! but it’ll be on paper 🙂

  4. I love goats ^^ especially watchin them chewing :p

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