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Itinerary : less plane, more bike!

May. 28th | 0 comments

We first wanted to ride few hundreds km in Africa. This was our plan : to cross by the Strait of Gibraltar to Morocco, then ride down to the Mauritanian border, cross Mauritania in a pickup or by other road transportation,  and ride in Senegal and Guinea. From Conakry (capital of Guinea), we wanted to board a plane for Buenos Aires.

This route was really appealing since neither of us knows Africa, a continent which tickles our curiosity. But recently, we had to give it up. A major reason for it: the plane.

Here is our new itinerary. The explanations follows!

There is no direct flight between Conakry and Buenos Aires and every plane stops over in Europe, mostly in Madrid or Paris. So what? We would ride from Paris to Conakry and finally fly back the whole way… To forge ahead by bike and turn back by plane… That made no sense! Without hesitation but all the same with a twinge of sorrow, we decided to give up Senegal and Guinea. Our plane for Buenos Aires, we shall catch it in Madrid.

But to keep our provisional calendar (planned so that the temperatures stay mild during the whole journey), we will not go directly to Madrid after leaving France. We will go first to Gibraltar and cross the strait, in one way to make a loop in Morocco (Tangier – Fes – Meknes – Rabat – Tangier), and in the other to get back on the European continent. We will follow the coast and join Lisbon, before we finally head towards Madrid, where we will take our plane for Buenos Aires.

In this way, we fly 4000 km less and ride 500 km more. Less plane and more bike!

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