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After 80 days and 4000km, a first review

Sep. 26th | 0 comments

Duration : 80 days (du 1st July t 18th september)
Visited countries : Spain, Morocco, Portugal
Distance : 4000 km


Max altitude  : 1665 m (at Ifrane, Morocco)
Max speed : 65km/h (after Callosa d’en Sarria, Spain)
Max km in a day : 150 km (between Talavera de la Reina and north of Madrid)

Riding days : 63 days
Camped nights : 31 nights
Families who welcomed us : 32
Sleeping places : wild field, house, garden, abandoned house, beach, abandoned tennis court, terrace, association local, coffee shop, garage and fire station.

Battery life : env 100 Km
Number of punctures : 3 (2 nails of 3 cm long !)

Technical issues :
– side stand broken (replaced by a central stand),
–  Damien’s bike motor broken (Veloscoot sent a new one in Séville),
– Stand support weld broken (re-welded in Spain)

 Rainy days : none!

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