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ABUS is by our sides !

Apr. 19th | 0 comments

By our sides, in its literal sense! On each side of our bikes, we will well and truly have ABUS bike bags. They will hold everything we have along the 20000 km of our world tour. It is a considerable task that we will ask from them!

ABUS will also take on a share of our personal security and of the security of our bikes: we will travel with ABUS helmets and locks.


The great departure is in 2 months and a half, but ABUS is actually already present! We just recieved bikes bags, helmets and locks: ABUS equips us for our impending 500km-training!

Read more and check out the photos!

Sacoche ABUS

Sacoches ABUS

Sacoches ABUS

Sacoche et caque ABUS

Cadena ABUS

And here is the overall point of view! How does it look ? 😉

Ride The Flavour

Before closing this article, let us say a big thank to ABUS for their support and reactivity!

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