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Cooking passionates and gourmets, this section is for you! Here you can find all the recipes we will enjoy all along our world tour! We share these recipes to show you the world gastronomy and to give you delicious ideas, These recipes are here so that you can experienced them wherever you are, they are here to delight your taste buds, they are here for the love of taste and flavour!

Any questions or suggestions? let us know! We will be glad to know that you try our recipes and to hear your comments.

So let’s do the cooking and bon appetit!

Moroccan recipe : The Kefta tagine

Aug. 19th | 0 comments

The tagine is probably the most common dish in Morocco and there are many different types. There are with vegetables, chicken, fish … with olives and even sometimes with fries !

We had the chance to watch the preparation of The Kefta tagine  with eggs in the family of Seifallah. His uncle Ayachi cooked for us this traditional recipe here:

FR : Tajine de Kefta aux oeufs / EN : Kefta Tagine with eggs

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Spanish recipe : The Valencian paella

Aug. 3rd | 1 comments

We could not cross Spain and do not give you the recipe of the most popular Spanish dish: the paella !

Nowadays, we can have it everywhere in Spain. The Spanish are nevertheless unanimous: it is in Valencia that you can find the best ones!

During our stay in Valencia we went to taste the traditional Valencian Paella in a small restaurant in the downtown. Filled with its flavours, we ask for the recipe and the chef even invited us to observe the preparation in the kitchen!

Here is the recipe of the Valencian Paella of El Rall restaurant “Lo mejor that hay!”

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Spanish recipe : Catalan Snails

Jul. 20th | 0 comments

French are not the only ones to eat snails, Spanish are also fond of it!

This recipe of snails come straight from Catalonia! It was during our stay at Gilma, Gualberto and Joan house  in the town of Oropesa del Mar that we could enjoy the “Caracoles en Catalan”, a true delight!

FR : Escargots à la Catalane / EN : Catalan snails

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Italian Recipe: Ricotta Cannelloni

Feb. 6th | 0 comments

You will this time travel to Italy! And hold on to your seat, you’re about to discover the recipe of… pasta carbonara!…

Just kidding, we won’t detail recipes which have already gone round the world. However, Italy remains THE “pasta nation”. Here is a recipe based on pasta, which was surprisingly kept in Italy : Ricotta Cannelloni, a deliciously simple recipe, tested and approved by Ride the Flavour.

FR : Cannelloni à la ricotta EN : RIcotta cannelloni

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French Recipe: oysters au gratin and their shallot sauce

Jan. 20th | 0 comments

After we spent 2 weeks immersed in an oyster farm, we had to give you a recipe spotlighting osyters… Today, Ride the Flavour presents you an original way to cook oysters : as an entrée, there is no doubt that these oysters au gratin and their shallot sauce will delight you!

FR : Huitres en gratin EN : Oyster au gratin

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