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Croatia in very good company !

Aug. 15th | 0 comments

Incontestably, Split will have been the meeting point of this trip. Damien’s family had hardly taken off when Marine’s plane touched the tarmac. The next morning it was Marina’s turn to land, and in the evening Léo got off the train and realized with relief that his legs had survived the 26h-trip!

On Saturday August 2, after a nice reunion evening in Diocletian Palace the day before and a breakfast in front of the Adriatic in the morning, we were ready. A short parade on the paving stones along the esplanade, and our bicycles touched the asphalt: we had 8 days and 500km in front of us. Zagreb here we come!


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In August, a wealth of good news !

Aug. 5th | 1 comments

ENORMOUS GOOD NEWS N°1 : Léo has come back in the adventure !

ENORMOUS GOOD NEWS N°2 : Marine and Marina have joined us for 10 days between Split and Zagreb, in Croatia !

ENORMOUS GOOD NEWS N°3 : Léo has brought the batteries with him, we are back on functional ELECTRIC bikes !


Bosnia-Herzegovina in pictures !

Jul. 29th | 2 comments

As promised, here are in pictures these 300km in Bosnia-Herzegovina and 100km in Croatia which carried me from Tuzla to Split!


A mosque, lost in the middle of the countryside.
Whereas Orthodox church towers reign supreme on the Serb spiritual landscape (90% of the population is Orthodox), the dominant religion in Bosnia-Herzegovina is Islam (45% of the population is Muslim) and minarets rise even in the most remote villages.


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Serbia : how nice it is to be back in Europe !

Jul. 27th | 0 comments

How nice it is to be back in Europe… and especially when Belgrade, in Serbia, is the first city that you see! “What’s the hell is the secret of this city?!”, I’m wondering! If you decide to take a walk in Belgrade, it won’t take long before you doubt about your own eyes… On June 30th, Samuel and I landed in the capital city of models. The women of Belgrade are splendid, it is as simple as that. There is no asterisk, no footnote, no hidden clause that would deteriorate this axiom: Belgrade is a women’s fashion show on a city scale.

Imagine now that you just arrive from India. The country where long sleeves and pants are mandatory whatever the temperature peaks. During 2 months and half, you have seen of women only their face, their hands and their feet (and even less since the two last ones are often covered with henna). During this period, not even a single comparison has come to your mind, you were in India and nowhere else. But imagine that after these 2 months and half, you all over sudden find yourselves surrounded by hundreds of Western models advertising for the latest Summer fashion. Well, let me say that you’ll find it pretty difficult to believe what you see! And it won’t take long before you even doubt about your own eyes…

The anecdote will undoubtedly not arouse the same interest among you, but how could I have concealed it? “How nice it is to be back in Europe!” The article would not deserve its title if it did not speak about the first of these nicenesses! 😉

First chronologically I mean, because it is with a rain of small pleasures that Europe welcomed us…

To find good meat (and other that chicken) was also a beautiful revolution!
(Sorry, I don’t have any illustration for “Belgrade, capital city of models”)


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Last month in India, from Hell to Heaven

Jul. 5th | 0 comments

I should apologize to all my English-speaking friends who follow this trip. I just finished writing 3 articles about my last month in India… but I wrote them in French, and I just don’t have the strength to translate them. Sorry !

So I will give you the links towards the 3 articles written in French, and I hope 1) that you will still be eager to read them, and 2) that Google has improved a little bit its translations since last time I used it !

Article 1 : From the purity of a farm to the pollution of a country
Article 2 : Kashmir, “the most beautiful place on Earth”
Article 3 : The Himalayas, last bastion of freedom in India

When I reached the pass (5328m high), all fortifications that had supported but also restrained my mind collapsed, never before in this trip I had felt so light, never before in this trip I had felt so free !


Also, the photo album recounting these 2 intense months and a half in India is now complete. Check it out, it’s here !


You guessed it, my adventure in India is now over. I left the country a few days ago, and went back to… France ? No ! I am writing this newsletter from Belgrade, Serbia. I am back in Europe, but the trip is not over yet : 6 countries still lie between me and France… 3000 more km to ride !

To be continued…

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