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Serbia : how nice it is to be back in Europe !

Jul. 27th | 0 comments

How nice it is to be back in Europe… and especially when Belgrade, in Serbia, is the first city that you see! “What’s the hell is the secret of this city?!”, I’m wondering! If you decide to take a walk in Belgrade, it won’t take long before you doubt about your own eyes… On June 30th, Samuel and I landed in the capital city of models. The women of Belgrade are splendid, it is as simple as that. There is no asterisk, no footnote, no hidden clause that would deteriorate this axiom: Belgrade is a women’s fashion show on a city scale.

Imagine now that you just arrive from India. The country where long sleeves and pants are mandatory whatever the temperature peaks. During 2 months and half, you have seen of women only their face, their hands and their feet (and even less since the two last ones are often covered with henna). During this period, not even a single comparison has come to your mind, you were in India and nowhere else. But imagine that after these 2 months and half, you all over sudden find yourselves surrounded by hundreds of Western models advertising for the latest Summer fashion. Well, let me say that you’ll find it pretty difficult to believe what you see! And it won’t take long before you even doubt about your own eyes…

The anecdote will undoubtedly not arouse the same interest among you, but how could I have concealed it? “How nice it is to be back in Europe!” The article would not deserve its title if it did not speak about the first of these nicenesses! 😉

First chronologically I mean, because it is with a rain of small pleasures that Europe welcomed us…

To find good meat (and other that chicken) was also a beautiful revolution!
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