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We have a lot on our plate

In may, our world tour was just an idea. Today it’s a real project with goals which really matter for us, motivate us and get us ahead. So now, let’s make it real !

On this page, you can follow the progress of our project : partners research, intinerary drawing up, equipments acquisition and our physical preparation ! No doubt we have a lot on our plate !

Day Two – 70 km

May. 1st | 0 comments

Sunday 21st April 2013. From Royan to Saint-Julien-Beychevelle.

8 am. We get out of our tent. Lemon tea and biscuits. Our breakfast is frugal but helps us to emerge. As we quietly pack up, Leo realizes that it is already 8:50 am. Problem : the ferryboat that we want to take to cross the Gironde Estuary is leaving at 9:30 am. And we do not want to miss it, the next one being at 11am. We have 40 minutes to take down our tent, get back our batteries, and ride 5 km to the port of Royan! We are in a hurry!

9:10 am, we start riding. 20 minutes left. At the end of these 5 km is our target. We pedal at a frenetic pace. We can now see the port. The ferryboat is docked, but are its doors still open?

Our racing bikes. Were we fast enough?

Veloscoot au naturel

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Day One – 100 km

Apr. 29th | 7 comments

Saturday 20th April 2013 – From La Rochelle to Royan.

We are leaving La Rochelle. “Good bye, see you next week!” Damien’s parents keep following us until a turn takes us away from their eyes. Ours are towards Toulouse. Our bikes carry everything we need, we are free, let our journey begin!

Les vélos aux couleurs de Ride The Flavour

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ABUS is by our sides !

Apr. 19th | 0 comments

By our sides, in its literal sense! On each side of our bikes, we will well and truly have ABUS bike bags. They will hold everything we have along the 20000 km of our world tour. It is a considerable task that we will ask from them!

ABUS will also take on a share of our personal security and of the security of our bikes: we will travel with ABUS helmets and locks.


The great departure is in 2 months and a half, but ABUS is actually already present! We just recieved bikes bags, helmets and locks: ABUS equips us for our impending 500km-training!

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From La Rochelle to Toulouse : a 500 km-training !

Apr. 16th | 1 comments

So that we can put a bit of butter on the bread during our world tour (we may also need it to buy the bread as well!), we are giving private lessons in La Rochelle. We thus cannot leave La Rochelle and disapear whenever we want.

But school holidays have just started in La Rochelle… and our students are not the only one to enjoy it ! In 4 days, we will start riding our electric bikes towards Toulouse. It will be the perfect opportunity to test our equipment and, quite simply, to discover what being a cycling tourist means!

So far, we’ve prepared our world tour thanks to our predecessor’s stories. It is now time to take the plunge and learn from our own experience!

A big thank-you to Veloscoot, who gives us two Apollon bikes for the occasion. And let us tell you something, our first kms with them suggest a really nice experience! Our bikes arrived in La Rochelle without a hitch, ready to eat up the 500 km leading to Toulouse! You will find our itinerary in the following lines (read more).

Two Apollons in La Rochelle… 😉

Deux apollons à La Rochelle


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Monrechaud.com joins Ride the Flavour!

Apr. 11th | 0 comments

Monrechaud.com and Ride the Flavour.
The online specialized store in outdoor stoves and the tour around the world of flavours.
Such a synergy suggests a precious collaboration…

And we are very pleased to announce that this collaboration is born: monrechaud.com  has just joined the adventure Ride the Flavour!


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